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Destination Hospitals

Destination Hospitals

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Welcome to Medical Travel Associates

Medical Travel Associates is a medical tourism consulting service for patients, physicians, facilitators, destination surgeons/hospitals and healthcare clusters interested in the emerging field of domestic and international medical/surgical travel healthcare.

We are a physician owned and operated travel medicine consulting service dedicated to educating traveling patients, their personal physicians, employers and insurers to help them find safe low-cost surgery domestically or internationally.  We educate, engage and support patient's personal physicians to help reduce preoperative complications/risk/cost, achieve best outcomes and increase access to medical tourism through additional patient referrals.

Bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery, orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, and more can be accessed safely and cost effectively through our affiliate destination surgeons and hospitals.  We are not a facilitator, we do not get paid by hospitals or surgeons to send patients to surgery.  We are medical experts in the field of medical tourism whose sole purpose is to educate and engage patients, their personal physicians, employers and insurers to ensure best outcomes and lowest risk with medical/surgical travel.  

Our network of MTA certified physicians deliver preop pre travel and postop post travel patient care to ensure best outcomes through continuum of through the industry's standard of care treatment protocols.  This network of physicians working with destination surgeons and hospitals helps increase patient access to destination medicine and surgery. Our clients are governments, hospitals, healthcare clusters, surgeons, facilitators, referring physicians and traveling patients.  Employers, insurers and healthcare payers or all kind seek out our expertise to ensure they are receiving cost effective and safe solutions for their medical travel programs. Our goals are to ensure safe, effective and affordable travel medicine/surgery for patient around the world and we do this by building an international network of referring and treating primary care physicians, certified through our MTA physician certification process.

We achieve these goals by engaging and educating referring physicians into the process of preoperative and postoperative care, by networking these referring physicians with destination surgeons, and opening communication between referring physicians, destination surgeons and our clinical team.

Please browse the website and contact us if you'd like to learn more about MTA services.  Download the summary report below to learn more about our medical director Dr. Kevin Huffman and his role in training and mentoring referring physicians to increase patient access to destination medical/surgical programs. Dr. H MTA